We are a dynamic company offering professional services in the sphere of animal transporting.  Due to serveral years of experience, we are prepared to offer you high standards of service for all animal fanciers and families moving abroad.

We are members of IPATA (The Independent Pet and Animal Transportation Association International, Inc,) certified by our State Veterinary Administration, and by IATA organization. 

We communicate in Czech, and English, as well as in Spanish.  Thanks to a close cooperation with various moving, relocating, and animal shipping companies, we are able to arrange and provide services in most of the countries worldwide.

We are prepared to offer our services to all organizations, to families moving to and from Czech Republic, to breeders, and to Zoo's (personnel, or to the organization itself).


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We offer these services related to transport of animals:

Door-to-door service - We arrange everything needed for the transport. We prepare export documentation, the health certificates; we pick up your travellers at home, do customs formalities and send him / her comfortable to the final destination, where he / she will be delivered to your new place. We will take care about everything so you will only inform us when and where we should be. The service can be arranged from Czech Republic to any destination and in most cases back too.

Door-to-airport or airport-to- airport service- we will provide you with detailed information what should be arranged and you will do it by yourself. We will only check if everything is done as should be. We will arrange a customs clearance and safe transport to the final destination. Import clearance will be arranged by you too.

Check-in service - for passengers flying to the destination who would like to travel with their four-legged friend. We book the space on your flight; arrange the veterinary document, travel crate and check-in at the airport. Everything will be prepared so everything will go smoothly. This is only possible for dogs and cats, travelling as your luggage. It is not possible to all destinations.

Fly with me - for owners who cannot fly but would like be sure that there will be well care about the pet during the transport. Unfortunately it is not possible to each destination.

We will be glad to answer any of your question or request.

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